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Infant Colic and Food Allergies 

3/23/2015:  FARE Funds Research

The Food Allergy Research and Education organization awarded $75K to $150 per year for more than one year to fund the salary of doctors to study vaccines for egg and peanut allergy; microbial and dietary exposures early in life; blood vessel flue leak leading to food allergy; pregnancy and breastfeeding impact on allergies; peanut allergies protective responses. [1]

3/19/2015:  Infant Colic and Food Allergies 

According to Switzerland’s Nutrients it appears that there may be a link between food allergies and colic in infants.  Eliminating cow’s milk from an infant’s diet or the mother’s diet, if breastfed, may show a reduction in colic.  There is no proof, only speculation at this point. [2]

3/12/2015:  ARC Finances Food Allergy Treatment

Allergen Research Corporation ('ARC'), announced the completion of an $80 million financing for a treatment for peanut, egg and milk allergies.  ARC develops treatments for food allergies using oral desensitization by combining standardized, pharmaceutical-grade food allergens with controlled up-dosing protocols to desensitize patients and increase the thresholds at which they could experience allergic reactions. [3]





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