A. Anderson, Founder

BA, Philosophy, UVM, 1990
Paralegal, UCLA, 1991
PD, Data Communications, UCLA, 1995
Web Developer, Oracle, 1997
Design Architect, Oracle, 2000
PMP, PMI, 2013
OL, Quinnipiac University, 2018   






- Author -

Ms. Anderson authored NABE best non-fiction 360-page health book in 2009 that was endorsed and listed by USDA Library, AAFA and international agencies in Europe and Australia.

Ms. Anderson also writes regional newspaper feature articles, articles published by regional and national magazines. She has appeared twice on CBS television. She has mentored others on independent publishing at various writing and publishing associations.  She is the founder of the publishing company managing edit, publication runs, marketing and business contracts.

She is the mother of two boys who have had food allergies.  Her oldest son continues to outgrow his allergies and is working through desensitization therapies successfully.