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Starting School

Whether starting pre-school or kindergarten, it can be an alarming event for any parent.  For parents of young children with food allergies it can be a very frightening experience as well.  After all, it seems like just after the child has learned his or her first few steps or words, we parents, now have to contend with the fact that there are imminent dangers in our world where otherwise we might have been safe from seemingly distant dangerous, worldly events. 

There are things that we can do to help ensure our beloved children are safer in pre-school and kindergarten.  Here are some items to address prior to the event:

  • Contact the teachers and discuss the allergies;
  • Contact the on-site nurse and ensure she or he understands the severity and your expectations;
  • Provide all of the paperwork, authorizations from doctors and medications;
  • Ensure the medications do not expire until June of 2015;
  • Talk to your child about your expectations for their behaviors, i.e. they cannot share other children’s food or drinks; and
  • Talk to other parents in your area about their experiences—this can help you understand which establishments are more aware and trustworthy as well as whether there are any support groups that you can join which may help you plan and understand how to deal with all of the various issues related to raising a child with food allergies.

Also, download or order Flourishing with Food Allergies, which contains interviews and information from professionals on these issues are more.  

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