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Peanut Flour & Vaccinations

4/19/2016:  Peanut Flour Added to Crackers

Kellogg is adding peanut flour to several of their crackers. Some have speculated that they have done this to avoid the strict rules for processing foods that do not have an allergen, like peanuts.  In other words, rather than keep the equipment free from peanut residue, just add the peanut flour and then state the food contains peanuts.  It is likely cheaper for Kellogg to lose the business from those who have peanut allergies, rather than try to confirm there are no traces of peanut in their foods.  Additionally, this likely provides Kellogg with a great deal of legal protection if a person who is allergic to peanuts, eats their foods and has a reaction.  Now they can simply state the product had peanuts in it.  It will be interesting to see if other companies do the same.  [1]

4/30/2016:  Vaccinations' Impact on Food Allergies & Asthma

The University of Virginia has found evidence that 'alum' can contribute to allergies.  Alum is another name for potassium aluminum sulfate or potassium hydroxide a chemical that has been placed in vaccinations since the year 2000.  When combined with egg white several other institutions have also found that a genetically-predisposed person will have an increased chance of allergies or asthma, after receiving the vaccine.  There is some discussion of a possible gene test to identify those who are genetically predisposed, so they could likely avoid the vaccines if desired.  In other words, if a person who may have a allergies or asthma in their family's genes also has these vaccines these institutions are beginning to learn that there is an impact leading to more food allergies and asthma.  Perhaps the question arises:  Is it worse to have the disease the vaccines are preventing (hepatitis, tetanus, etc.) or allergies / asthma?  [2]



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