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Baby with Food Allergies

It can be shocking to learn your infant or baby has a food allergy or a bunch of food allergies--especially if it is your first child and if you don't have a lot of experience in dealing with food allergies.  I remember feeling like I could not really believe what the allergist was telling me.  No chicken, no dairy, no eggs, no... What??

At the very least, there has been some progress over the past ten years in dealing with the large numbers of food allergies in children that now exist.  The safest course of action is avoidance:  Simplify the foods that you give to your child and then wait a few weeks.  For example, rice is easily digested, normally, plus perhaps a few fruits or veggies that your child likes.  If you are nursing, then you have to eliminate offending foods from your diet as well.  Slowly add back foods one at a time and watch for signs of rashes or other digestive issues or changes in behavior.  When the baby is older, you can perhaps start another course of action under the guidance of doctors. 

But more importantly, don't despair.  Chances are your child is healthy and handsome or pretty.  Be happy for the new life in you life.  Worrying takes a lot of the fun out of parenthood--which is hard enough.  So try to be safe and enjoy your new baby.

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