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Asthma and Peanut Allergy Symptoms

5/11/2015:  President Obama Raises Awareness

As May is the month of Food Allegy Awareness Week, President Obama prepared a written letter to encourage education and awareness of food allergies. 

5/11/2015:  Stanford Treatment Research for Food Allergies

Stanford's Dr. Nadeau is leading the way with desentsitization research using a drug to modify an allergic person's DNA cell to be like that of a non-allergic person.  Silicon Valley's Sean Parker donated $24 million to Stanford in support of this research.  See this 8 minute PBS video for more information about the study or this 1 minute video on the DNA.

5/18/2015:  Asthma and Peanut Allergy Have Same Symptoms

Children with asthma may not realize they are allergic to peanuts because the respiratory symptoms of peanut allergy reaction can look the same as an asthma attack. [1]


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