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Cross Reactive Food Allergens

6/22/2016:  Food Allergy Science Initiative

Four women are striving to raise $20 million and have already succeeded with $10 million for their new program Food Allergy Science Initiative or FASI which is working with experts from across the county including Yale University, Harvard Medical School, MIT and other well known institutions to "tackle the underlying biology of food allergies."  [1]

6/9/2016:  Cross Reactive Food Allergens

Medical University of Vienna states that those with an allergy to birch pollen and have associated food allergy to apples, peaches, hazelnuts, carrots and celery.  EAACI conference in Vienna, Austria provided a forum for this and additional research on the impact of sugar on food allergy reactions.  They reinforced that avoidance is the best policy.  [2]


[2]  Medical University of Vienna. "Food allergies: Avoiding allergens is best protection." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 9 June 2016.

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