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Test Results & Rash Indicators

7/1/2017:  Test Results & Rash Indicators

According to a report titled, "Critical Issues in Food Allergy: A National Academies Consensus Report," a positive allergy result is only an indicator of a possible allergy, it is not a final determinant.  "These tests detect IgE antibodies to the food but are not typically intrinsically diagnostic. For example, in 111 OFCs performed in 44 children avoiding foods because of positive test results, 93% were tolerant of the avoided food."  To further complicate matters, sometimes when there is no IgE antibody a serious food symptom can result such as blood in stools. The report indicated that rashes are a symptom of a food-related issue and may take longer to appear and may be in combination of a variety of symptoms. Even worse, rashes can cause the skin to increase sensitivities to allergens if touched. 

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