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April 2017: Food Allergy News

4/3/2017:  Lone Star Tick Causes Meat Food Allergy

The adult Lone Star Tick female is distinguished by a white dot or “lone star” on her back and adult females most frequently bite humans to transmit the disease. After the Lone Star Tick bites a person, the bite that contains the carbohydrate "alpha-gal" is transmitted as an enemy invader from the tick's previous blood meal, often a deer. The carbohydrate causes a negative reaction and subsequent allergy in the human body to the carbohydrate alpha-gal which is also present in beef, pork, gelatin (and medical substances such as IV fluid replacements, blood thinners, and replacement heart valves.) Once a person is bitten, their body sees all of these alpha-gal containing foods as enemy invaders, then attacks the invaders causing an allergic reaction.