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Auvi-Q Injector Available

2/14/2017:  Auvi-Q Injector Available

The Auvi-Q epinephrine injector that is smaller and rectangular shaped will be available again on 2/14.  Efforts are being made to make it cost effective if the family has insurance. Those with commercial insurance, including those with high-deductible plans or who make less than $100k annually, will be able to obtain Auvi-Q for $0 out- of-pocket according to the maker.  Else, the cash price is $360 for those without insurance or who earn more thank $100K.


Allergen Labels & Generic Epi-Pen 

12/1/2016:  Adrenaclick Provides a Generic Epi-Pen AutoInjector

In light of the recent controversy about the high cost of the infamous Epi-Pen autoinjectors, there is a generic version on the market.  It is called "Adrenaclick" and can be obtained if your doctor includes "generic" on the prescription for epinephrine.  [1]

12/15/2016:  VITAL Allergen Labels

The United States may consider adopting Australian-based VITAL Allergen Labels.  VITAL stands for Voluntary Incidental Trace Allergen Labelling and defines a way to standardize labels for allergen risks.  The VITAL program uses an Action Level grid to show, "Action Level concentrations (ppm) calculated using the Reference Dose (mg allergen protein) and a Reference Amount specific to the food." Download the PowerPoint. [2]




Vitamin D Rich Foods Fend Off Allergies

2/11/16:  Vitamin D Rich Foods Fend Off Allergies

Mount Sinia states in the Journal of Allergy & Immunology that pregnant women can reduce the incidence of food and environmental allergy in their babies by consuming more vitamin D (but only in natural form, not a supplement). [1]

2/23/16:  Avi-Q Coming Back

Avi-Q will likely be coming back later in 2016.  After the recall in late 2015,  many people reverted to other forms of epinephrine.  Avi-Q is the small, rectangular injector that is easier to carry. [2]




Epinephrine Even if Doubt

8/6/2015:  ACAAI States Importance of Epinephrine Even if Doubt

The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) states that even if in doubt as to whether a patient is indeed suffering from an anaphylactic reaction, it is best to treat with epinephrine.  Allergist Paul Dowling, MD, ACAAI member and panelist, states, "Antihistamines and corticosteroids should not be given instead of epinephrine because they don't work fast enough."  Allergist Stanley Fineman, MD, ACAAI past president, and chair of the pane, further explains, "Because epinephrine is the first line of defense in treating anaphylaxis, the panel agreed it should be used-even if a patient's reaction may not meet all the established criteria." [1]

8/20/2015:  Nickel Allergy and Nickel in Foods

According to the American Academy of Dermatology and Stanford Hospital's Jennifer Chen, MD, FAAD, those with nickel allergies (normally found in some jewely, phones or glasses) may also have a rash from eating foods that contain nickel.  The food that cntain nickel include seeds, nuts, chocolat, wheat and rye.  Normally the amount is low enough not to cause a reaction, but can contribute to an existing condition. [2]